A Beginner’s Guide On Caring For Your Lawn
a beginner’s guide on caring for your lawn

Caring for you lawn can be the most rewarding thing because your hard work is crystal clearly visible before your eyes and the plants grow from patchy spots to being wholly uniform! It is rather fruitful to experience a growth in something you’ve invested time and energy in and see it grow gracefully on a large scale.

How To Creatively Use Rocks In Landscaping!
how to creatively use rocks in landscaping!

Landscaping your yard into a miniature rock garden is one of the most effective ways of making use of the rocks and boulders in your garden! Sculpting a rock garden, commonly called a rockery, is a rather captivating process because of the immense versality of mere rocks that can be crafted to your liking. 

A Guide on how to Care for Shallow-Rooted Plants
a guide on how to care for shallow-rooted plants

Caring for shallow roots takes up time and energy more than anticipated primarily because of a potential exposure of the roots. It is paramount to look after the main plant-building system of the plant but is more than often neglected because we can’t see them.

How to Kickstart your Gardening Journey with Sustainable DIY Pots
how to kickstart your gardening journey with sustainable diy pots

Substituting your generic beige-coloured terracotta planters with something sustainable and straight from your kitchen or living room can add to the plant’s already-existing aesthetic, rustic appearance. 

Indoor Plants that Facilitate Air Purification and Toxin Removal
indoor plants that facilitate air purification and toxin removal

While some plants consist of toxins and irritants like calcium oxalate crystals and saponins, placing them in a location that is out of the reach of children and pets could be beneficial in contributing to pure air.

Toxic Plants that should be Kept Away from Children and Pets
toxic plants that should be kept away from children and pets

While houseplants add an air of charm and shine to the atmosphere in a household, being aware of the underlying havoc that they’re waiting to wreak is important, especially if you have pets or children who’d inadvertently touch them

Indoor Fruit Trees Likely to Give You Your Daily Dose of Jam or Juice
indoor fruit trees likely to give you your daily dose of jam or juice

Growing a tree indoor can sound bizarre and will instantly put an image of a mango tree shooting up your ceiling. Indoor fruit trees can be dwarfed according to the size of your liking and apart from having a mini, completely safe forest-of-sorts in your own home!